Pest and Building Inspections Brisbane

A home purchase is one of the largest investments many people make. This is why it is important that you have a thorough report of the building’s condition before you purchase. We can help with pre-purchase building inspections to give our customers piece of mind when buying property.

In our experience many providers of building inspection reports do not have the years of industry experience that AGP Enterprises brings to the table. We know all the tell-tale signs of future issues and have a comprehensive understand of current build standards and best practice construction. Our on-site building inspections are comprehensive and detailed. Our reports take the guesswork out of your property purchases with AGP Enterprises’ pre-purchase building and pestinspectionservices in Brisbane.

  • Building inspection reports to assess the state of the building and property.
  • Pre purchase inspection reports to give you peace of mind when purchasing a property.
  • AGP Enterprises has extensive & current experience as a builder and can easily identify faults with the property prior to purchasing so that our customers can make an informed decision.
  • Armed with the information provided in our building inspection report, buyers often have solid base for property purchase negotiations.
  • Property owners also benefit from pre-purchase building inspection reports. Having the information on hand pre-sale gives the property owner a real estimation of the property’s issues.

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